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AT-Inspiration:Preparing at Open
2020-11-01 @ 09:14 by kvipka

I have rewrited this one of the oldest code (legacy of wowd-mangos-trinity, has been written more then 15 years ago).

Early, when player doing "log in world", server should to do SQL-query with subqueries of all his mails and mail items. Each *** time. 

Mail Init and Mail Items containers

and ofc delete operations with subqueries also 

Just try to imagine : what to do with server, if player will collect mails near 20-30k and will spam log in/out ? 
unfortunately, so you can crash all other projects

examples of new functions :

example from AuctionHouseMgr
2020-11-01 @ 08:55 by kvipka

This became possible thanks to new PromotionCodeMgr. Some new ideas for this new Manager "in development"  bowtie
2019-02-08 @ 10:51 by kvipka
Hey all!
We have added a new feature - Duel Phase. Duelists are now entering a special phase where all other players / NPCs disappear for them. You will see only your opponent.
But all other players can see your duel.

2019-30-07 @ 23:24 by kvipka
Glad to present support by server for addon ArenaSpectator UI.
It will good feature for streamer and for usual players, who want to see arena with all spells/cooldowns/buffs/debuffs for good understanding.

download addon
2019-30-07 @ 12:27 by kvipka
Video prepared by Endx. How to fast start arena fights  blush 

2019-07-07 @ 18:19 by kvipka

We preparing to re-open our public realm. 
New attributes under discussion.
Presumably it will instant 80 + auto-equip for A1 sets.

Topic of discussion
2019-21-04 @ 12:50 by kvipka
With great chagrin, I have to announce important news.
Due to the fact that we unfortunately do not have online players, as there is no advertising. The game realm temporarily suspends its action. Work on the core and scripts will continue, but the realm will be disabled for the time being, until players get together and ask to be turned on again.

2019-24-03 @ 14:41 by kvipka
Besides the changes with BattleGround need to talk about work of ccrs  - The Wintergrasp.

I do not know why, but this guy never finishes his affairs, even despite the fact that ideas are really chic ( for example PR with Dancing Weapon (I had to finish it for myself)).

PR with wintergrasp consist of some unfinished commits, but... it really good job. And i used it for complete rewritening of The Wintergrasp.

  • The some tasks, which has been completed by this work :
  • [wintergrasp] Game Over - prematurely #6132
  • Wintergrasp honor reward is wrong #8413
  • BattleField/Wintergrasp: Bug Workshop #8474
  • [Battleground] Wintergrasp walls, doors and titan relic disappear after several runs #8661
  • Wintergrasp Spirit Guide not working #9035
  • Wintergrasp Walls & Workshops - Visibility Range #9205
  • Wintergrasp honor and mark of honor bug #9423
  • [3.3.5] Character flash at WG (Winter Tower Edge) #19241

I could not miss this work, and of course, continue to work on it.
I think all know about bug with disappearing tower cannons (or drop it under texture) and many others troubles with the Wintergrasp. This is a little old video, what were changed.

2019-24-03 @ 14:00 by kvipka
Need to talk about interesting changes of BattleGround system from TrinityCore, from this branch.
Thx ariel- for this big job.

Changes :
  • Core/Misc: calculate rotation fields from orientation in some places it's impossible to get:
- Spell Effects:
- Command Scripts: .gobject add

Closes #17891

  • [WiP] Core/PvP: Extensive cleanup, bug-fixing and optimization of Battleground scripts:
- Standards: Moved all statics to cpps where they belong.
- Cleanups: NULL -> nullptr, moved #defines to constants/enums
- Added a helper struct for handling spawns easily. Rewrote spawns using it.
- Moved spawn containers to private scope of Battleground (idea taken from boss states array in InstanceScripts)
- Remove unused teamId parameter from Battleground::SpawnCreature
- Prevent Battleground::RelocateDeadPlayers creating new entries on map.
- Make AddObject return a GameObject pointer instead of a bool (just like its AddCreature sibling)
- Corrected and added proper GO rotation to spawns
- De-hardcode buff entries for Battlegrounds, each BG uses their own entries (blizzlike).
- Moved logs from incorrect logger "sql.sql" to "bg.battleground"

Additional Notes for some BGs:
- Warsong Gulch:
  * Fixed inverted worldstates of flags being sent to new players, wrong flag state was shown on UI
- Alterac Valley:
  * Fix Snowfall graveyard cap time as per Patch 2.3.0
  * Use proper gameobject entries for each node (blizzlike)
  * Removed magic numbers in favor of compile time consts (enum offsets etc)
  * More additional missing spawns (both creatures and gameobjects)
- Isle of Conquest:
  * Removed Transport pointers from class, instead store GUIDs and use HashMapHolder to access them
  * Fixed some wrong spawns which had Y coord set as X coord, Z as Y and Orientation as Z, fix a double spawn related to this
  * Additional cleanups of spawn code that checked if the spawn was correct only to then do a Get(spawntype) to manipulate it.
  * Incremented door close time to 30 seconds, as it is on sniff
- Strand of the Ancients:
  * Fixed sending timer to players that join with BG in progress
  * Corrected ships rotation as per sniff
  * Added missing seaforium bomb spawns
  * Implemented team switch logic to different spawn entries (like Titan Relic)
  * Implemented changing teleport locations depending on destroyed doors (Closes #12127)

  • Magic typedef
  • Kill magic numbers in Arathi Basin, replace node timers with eventMap
  • Initial work on Siege Engine, also some sql import fixes
  • Fixed teleport to gunship (Todo: sometimes will not find the trigger)
  • Fix siege engine!