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Wintergrasp version 3.2

2021-11-01 @ 22:28 by kvipka
* Wintergrasp 3.0 implemented

reworked Wintergrasp system :
removed old battlefield and battlefieldMgr
implement new methods for wintergraspMgr and new classes : WGGameObjectBuilding, WGGraveyard, WGWorkshop and special Handlers :

* Wintergrasp 3.1 :
*reworked old static method for graveyards
*reworked method of gathering of workshops by orders
*fix the oldest (TC) memory leak
*fix GetClosestGraveyard func
*fix command : .bf switch (now not needed to set '1'), now it can switch all Wintergrasp Data in War and in Peace

* Wintergrasp 3.2 : removed StaticWintergraspTowerInfo + improved logic for loading buildings and towers + fix skipped GO spawns on east Keep buildings
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