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Wintegrasp 2.0

2020-04-08 @ 20:03 by kvipka
We glad to present fully rewrited Wintergrasp.
* Now we use only one container for players And ofc all methods with registration of players has beeen rewrited (fixed all old issues with multi-registrations, spam of announces and etc and etc...)

* Now all parts of Wintergrasp : workshops / attack towers / defense towers / bridges 
Has a special implementation without old hacks and scrutches.

* Wintergrasp now are using a special groups (guards / turrets / NPC / GameObjects (flags-banners and etc.)). And each part of Wintergrasp, for example some workshop, now controlling this groups and easy switch it from 1 state to another.

* We have disabled old phase system in Wintergrasp, it have a big count of issues, and by this reason now we handle Wintergrasp without phases - groups handle it and make it amazing easy

* Investigated all nessesary GameObjects : missed flags / banners and etc

And how it look - a little review :

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