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2020-16-01 @ 19:05 by kvipka
We have a new website, and we should to remember, what we have done :

Blink - just impressive count of rewriting...
Vanish - implemented Vanish Fade Delay (it will video in next news)
Shield Wall should NOT to removed by Dismantle (remove items from both hands and remove block and block chance yes, but not aura and -% dmg)
Killing spree - server system synchronization of positions (client - server - client) has been rewrited, and now Killing Spree has all jumps (5) and attacks by main and off hand (10).

Slice and Dice and hand of salvation (by mate from party before duel started) should not remove from stealth
Shadowmeld - very cool ability, give instant stealth, remove combat state, and remove aggro from npc, if he can't see you.
Cyclone - very cool pvp ability, but should not casted through divine shield =)
Feral charge - Cat - should jump very fast, not such as dying titanic.
Master Call - one of the best abilities in game, pet should cast remove root/snare aura and move like charge at owner, and when in melee zone of owner - pet should cast "remove all root and movement impairing effects" on owner, and after go attack pet-target again.
Summon gargoyle - she flying from above at target.
Living bomb - there were a lot of bugs:
1 - related with bug, when target LoS'ed caster, and bomb can't explosive by this reason (lol)
2 - related with checks, when bomb can damaged next targets near target with bomb, and checks this guys on LoS
3 - explosive Living bomb should not break the Dragon's Breath, information from retail, but idk why
Dancing Rune Weapon - just working now
Death Grip - corrected height and speed for spell
Steady Shot - corrected dmg calculate

Confuse effects
Rewrited confuse movement, unit should not move through LoS and dynamic map, and movement should be smooth.
And main, ALWAYS should be sync between client-server positions and orientations.
For example, you by rogue give blind on target, and try in one moment to give gouge or ambush, but target looks the other way...

anyway, this spells working now perfect :
scatter shot, blind, polymorph

Fleeing effects
Rewrited fleeing movement, and now Fear working fine, without teleports, twitchings and accelerators.

Movement General
We used and corrected new movement pending system. It give the instant time of handle movement-opcode, without additional delay, related with update-on-server, just working async. And now delay between server-client - only ping.
Also we decided to add M2-texture in LoS, just cast through tree we can't understand, but it's not blizzlike (yes, we took this crime).

Crossfactions BattleGrounds
- added all avilable races for each classes
- released work with chat (horde can't understand text from alliance (coded) , and doesn't matter original or fake race you have in this BG
- released work with /wishper chat, player with fake-race can write in PM all players from this Team (for example your original team=alliance and on BG your fake-race Orc (Horde), you can talk with all ppl from your temp-team (orc, tauren and etc) 

Also you can write by /whisper anyone from your original faction . For example you playing with friend (by Horde), but on BG you registered as Alliance (you can talk with your friend by /w, but talking on BG by /s will not possible, he just can't understand you (will coded text).
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