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Test : Real server DIFF of clear Azerothcore and overloaded AtieshCore (TrinityCore)

2020-11-01 @ 12:06 by kvipka
The Great Lie of some last years.

In 2016 developers of project Sunwell has understanded, that their way (by hacks) was very big mistake, and path was wrong. They just have opened code for all (public), and newbies have seen really good coded sources - scripts of dungeons, quests and more and more.

Yeah, it right, but the main part of server -> Core based on hacks, "bad code".

But anyway, developers have writed on their page next (copied by azerothcore) :
Server performance
Firstly, we will have to explain what "update time diff" is (we usually refer to it as "diff" in short). Update time diff is the time it takes the server to process all current tasks. The longer the diff is, the longer you wait for your actions to be processed (running, casting spells, etc.) and the less dynamic the game is. Diff adds up to your network latency (explicitly shown in the game client) and creates final delay you experience while playing. You can check current and average diff (average in the last ~10 seconds) using ".server info" command ingame.

It was the most long term by community lie.

For proof i have did this 2 part of video:

Real diff between update-ticks in Clear AzerothCore

And diff from our overloaded experimental core (with all new features), based on TrinityCore
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