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Core/Battlefield: Wintergrasp rewrite

2019-24-03 @ 14:41 by kvipka
Besides the changes with BattleGround need to talk about work of ccrs  - The Wintergrasp.

I do not know why, but this guy never finishes his affairs, even despite the fact that ideas are really chic ( for example PR with Dancing Weapon (I had to finish it for myself)).

PR with wintergrasp consist of some unfinished commits, but... it really good job. And i used it for complete rewritening of The Wintergrasp.

  • The some tasks, which has been completed by this work :
  • [wintergrasp] Game Over - prematurely #6132
  • Wintergrasp honor reward is wrong #8413
  • BattleField/Wintergrasp: Bug Workshop #8474
  • [Battleground] Wintergrasp walls, doors and titan relic disappear after several runs #8661
  • Wintergrasp Spirit Guide not working #9035
  • Wintergrasp Walls & Workshops - Visibility Range #9205
  • Wintergrasp honor and mark of honor bug #9423
  • [3.3.5] Character flash at WG (Winter Tower Edge) #19241

I could not miss this work, and of course, continue to work on it.
I think all know about bug with disappearing tower cannons (or drop it under texture) and many others troubles with the Wintergrasp. This is a little old video, what were changed.
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