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RaidDungeon Ulduar 10 man Strategy


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The Siege of Ulduar Part 1

Siege Engine
Siege Engine Driver : Electroshock - Uses Ram and Steam Rush, gets close in
Siege Engine Gunner : Anti-air/ground


Demolisher Driver – uses Ram, long range fireballs ( Hurl Boulder ) and Hurl Pyrite Barrel , launches gunner onto Flame Leviathan
Demolisher G`unner Feeds driver’s gun with pyrite, anti-air. Can load himself into gun to be launched at Flame Leviathan to take out FL’s turrets.
Chopper Driver AOE kills ground units, drops ignitable oil patch, retrieves launched Demolisher Gunners. Using Sonic Horn + Speed Boost + Tar and Heal your mates by First Aid Kit .

Achievements : Dwarfageddon

Destroy 100 Steelforged Defenders in 10 seconds on the Ulduar gauntlet.​
Strategy: Have one chopper run throughout entire instance, gathering all enemies. Use speed boost to keep distance, then train them back to main group.​
Main group waits until all dwarves are upon them then kill all mobs.​
OR, have siege engines aggro first two rows of dwarf spawning towers, then stay stationary and use shields to help protect them until 100 dwarves are spawned.​

Boss 1 Flame Leviathan


Siege/Demolisher gunners shoot down as much pyrite as they can before fight begins.
Chopper – lays down oil in front of boss, uses sonic blast when oil on cooldown.Demolisher – Stays at far range from boss, since slow. Uses Hurl Boulders/Pyrite Barrels at boss.Siege – Stays near boss, uses Ram and Fire Cannon. Once Leviathan changes target, siege backs off boss to get head start for safety until new target is acquired.

Hard Mode: Speak to Norgannon first, then Brann. Leave 1-4 large colored towers up.
Every 30 seconds switches to a different target. Siege, since slow, moves away before this occurs.


Unbroken : Defeat Flame Leviathan on the first try without anyone repairing their vehicle.
Shutout : Defeat Flame Leviathan without causing a System Shutdown.
Note: System Shutdown only occurs when BOTH turrets are destroyed by Demolisher Gunners. Since we are destroying only one we should get this.
Take Out Those Turrets (single person achievement?) : Destroy a Flame Leviathan Defense Turret.
Strategy: One of our Demolisher Gunners will be a ranged self-healer (possibly Rare in shadow). They will launch themselves on Flame Leviathan which enables them to kill 1 of the boss’ two turrets. After which motorcycle picks up player and returns to Demolisher where they came from. We slow DPS Flame Leviathan until Turret is destroyed.
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