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# Submitting a Bug Report

# Effective Bug Reporting!

Please note that the bug tracker does not accept reports on account or character issues that are unrelated to the server’s development. You should open a ticket in game and wait for the response of a Game Master. They may redirect you to this bug tracker if they believe there’s a server issue that they cannot help you with.
Before opening any issues on the bug tracker, use the search feature to locate any potential duplicates or related issues. If you find any matches, update the existing issue if you have additional relevant information that could help the developers in resolving the bug.
If you didn’t find any duplicate reports, the next step is to try to do some research to confirm that the current behavior is incorrect. We receive a number of false reports that could be have been avoided if the user had used the sources below to confirm that a problem existed before opening a bug report.

# Sources

Any links that you can provide that demonstrate that the information in your bug report is accurate will go a long way to helping the developers fix the problem. Although finding data from over a decade ago can be tricky, there are still avenues that are worth exploring.
  • The official patch notes are usually the first port of call for finding evidence of game mechanic and item changes. However, many changes will not be documented.
  • Through searching, you can often find lists of unofficial patch notes that document changes that were not detailed in the official notes.
  • Using relevant keywords in Google while restricting the time range will often find old, useful forum posts that describe mechanics/boss strategies.
  • YouTube and Warcraftmovies can be a good source of old gameplay recordings.
  • Make good use of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to browse older data mining website such as Thottbot and Allakhazam. You may also be able to find some content on archived versions of ElitistJerks.
  • WoW BlueTracker contains a wealth of older blue posts that can often be used for finding evidence of various minor changes and mechanic hotfixes.
  • Wikis can be a good source of information if all else fails. Try looking through the edit history of relevant articles to find evidence.
In general, private servers and forums posts from their communities are not considered to be a reliable source of information.

# Opening a Report

Having done the above, if you have a new bug to report, please ensure that you include the following information at a minimum:
  • The server or game patch that your issue pertains to (e.g. Anathema, patch 1.10).
  • A clear, concise description of the current behavior.
  • A description of the expected behavior.
  • Where applicable, provide relevant sources that show or describe the correct behavior.
When you’ve assembled your information, post it on our bug tracker
Thank you!