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# Guild issues

# I’m unable to create a guild!

The most common solution to this issue is that your [Guild Charter] is not in your main backpack. You should place the charter in the first slot of the first backpack (the one which cannot be deleted), and try to create the guild again.
It may also happen that…

  • A character which signed your character has joined another guild, in which case you need another signature,
  • The guild-name is already in use

Please check these things before opening a ticket, and include what you have tried so far.

# I’m unable to join a guild!

The limit of any guild is 321 members. This limit cannot be changed. If you get an invite to join a guild, and the guild is full - you will be unable to join it.
It’s also possible that you need to run the command 
before receiving an invite.

# Can you transfer Guild Master ownership to a new player?

The only instance in where we will transfer Guild Master ownership is when the current Guild Master’s account is permanently closed. Upon request from the Guild Master (any other guild-member would not be valid), we can transfer the guild-ownership to the desired new character in the guild. This can be done by the banned guild master explicitly requesting us to do so in the ban appeal.
We will not transfer the Guild Master role to a player under any other circumstance.