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# My account has been suspended / closed / banned

# Temporarily Suspended

These are the reasons why you might get temporarily suspended.
  • You input your username and password incorrectly too many times in a short period of time - this is system issued
  • The system detects an intruder on your account, and temporarily suspended it to protect it - this is system issued
  • You were banned by a GameMaster for violating the Terms of Use - this is manually placed
If it’s issued by the system, then it will last 15-60 minutes and expire after that. Logging in during this time may refresh the timer of the suspension, so please wait for the full duration. You can attempt to solve this by doing a password-reset on the account, then waiting at least 15 minutes before attempting to log in again, to avoid the timer being reset. If this does not help, try to enable Two-Factor Authentication - this will, in addition, to secure your account, prevent the suspension when the system detects an intruder. If you have already tried this, it’s possible the account was in fact banned for violating the Terms of Use, in which case you will have to wait the suspension out.

# Permanently closed (and no longer available for use)

Permanently closed accounts are accounts that have been manually banned by a Game Master for violating the Terms of Use. The only way to attempt to get your access back is by appealing it through the ban-appeal process (see below). Most offenses do not warrant an appeal (in which case the appeal is denied), but you are free to appeal your case regardless.

# Filing a ban-appeal

To file your ban-appeal, visit the account control panel.
To be able to submit a ban appeal, you must have Two-Factor Authentication activated on your account. We will under no circumstances unban any account without this active.
Please note that it may take some time before the appeal is processed - but you will get a reply regardless. It will not get deleted.

# Ban Reason

You can see the reason for your ban on the account control panel under the Ban Status tab. You will be able to see the duration and reason of the ban, and is eligible, be able to file a ban appeal.
  • "Legacy Ban"
    Any ban reasons before February 20th 2018 will not be shown, however, you will be able to appeal your ban to find out the reason.
Game Masters will not discuss any bans outside of the ban appeal system on our website under any circumstance - it will not speed up the process of your appeal by reaching out to any member of staff outside of the ban appeal process.