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# I can't turn in my completed quest

It may happen from time to other that you are unable to deliver a quest to its quest giver, even if all objectives are completed. There are several solutions you can try before engaging the Game Master team.

# Delete the cache

Exit the game completely, and navigate to the World of Warcraft folder. You will find a folder called WDB, this is the cache of the game. Delete this folder, launch the game and attempt to deliver again.
If you are still unable to complete the quest, try the possible solutions below.

# Put the quest items in your bank

A possible solution to this issue is to put all the related quest items in your bank and logging off for a couple of minutes. When logged back on, collect the items in your bank and attempt to complete the quest again.

# Abandon and reaccept the quest

In some cases, you will need to abandon the quest. You will be prompted when abandoning the quest that any relevant quest-items will be destroyed - however, this is false, and you can safely abandon it without losing the relevant items (if you are worried, you can screenshot the quest items as evidence that you acquired them before abandoning the quest). Re-acquire the quest. You should now be able to deliver it (this is the most common fix). Please do not ask a Game Master to give you the quest after you’ve abandoned it, you will have to obtain it on your own again.
If neither of the tricks above solve your issue, please open a ticket in-game and a Game Master will assist you. You should include in the ticket what you have attempted so far to solve your issue.