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# Reporting non-blizzlike changes

During last month’s Q&A, one of the most common questions was “Does the team have any interest in reverting some of the non blizz-like changes that were made on Deadmines project?”. As always, it is one of our top priorities to make sure sure we are providing an authentic experience equivalent to as close to Blizzard’s original implementation as possible. However, there are some changes that have been made that address problems we encounter due to things such as
  • multiple times the number of players on a server than back in 2008-10
  • deviations of behavior due to inherent issues of emulation
  • undiscovered bugs, glitches, etc. that are harmful to the stability or economies of the realms.
These changes, while up for discussion, need to be documented in a uniform way so that everyone operates from the same understanding when addressing why they exist - current and future developers and players alike.
Given the lack of a changelog from Nostalrius and the many hands that have touched mangos code over the years, the community has a much better idea of what’s changed vs. what’s accurate. Over the last year, we’ve fielded many inquiries regarding non-Blizzlike changes to farming, pathing, etc. that we are now ready to properly address and document. Please follow the below instructions on how to properly report these changes so we can begin documenting them in full.

# Follow the format in the FAQ post: “Submitting a Bug Report”

  • Tag the Issue with the tag Custom Change.
  • If available, provide links, screenshots, etc. to previous posts, announcements, or discussions on the change
Following a GitHub report being closed due to either insufficient evidence, denied due to a staff decision to retain the change, or a pull request merge that addresses the issue, we will keep a thread regarding any and all changes reported using the proper format.
Failure to utilize the standard GitHub reporting format will invalidate your report and result in no change.