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# Opening a ticket

If you ever need assistance from a Game Master, encounter issues in-game or want to report someone for breaching our Terms of Use, you can open a ticket.
You can open a ticket in-game by clicking on the red question-mark in your game-menu, as shown in the image below. You then click on Open a Ticket and select a category. The category is arbitrary and doesn’t matter.
You can open a ticket for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:
Please include as many relevant details as possible, such as screenshots or video, player names etc.
Some issues and requests doesn’t belong in tickets or make for invalid tickets, such as:
  • Bug reports
  • Asking for items, gold, levels, etc (as mentioned above, some items are subject to being restored, see the separate topic)
If you are intending to play on a different character than the ticket is created on, you may list the name of your other character in the ticket, so that the Game Master can attempt to reach you if you are online.
Note that in some cases the attending Game Master will send a reply to the ticket through the in-game mail system. If your ticket was closed, and you expected a reply, please check your mailbox.
If your UI for some reason do not show the help request button, you can use the below script to submit a ticket. Replace “text” with a description of your issue.
/script NewGMTicket(1, "Text")