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# Restore items / failed bossloot

We do to a certain extent restore lost items, however we have a very strict list of requirements that must be met before we can restore your item. If you meet all the requirements listed below, create a ticket in-game. If you do fail to meet the requirements, the request will be marked invalid.

# Restoring quest-rewards

Quest rewards are the ONLY items we restore outside of epic quality items from lost raid loot (see the section below).
You must provide the quest-ID and the item-ID in the ticket. The Game Masters will not find this information for you. You can find this information by using databases such as Look up your item and quest, and the ID will be displayed in the URL (for instance, the ID for 
[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]
is as you can see in the URL, 19019 ( There will be made checks to see if you have previously completed the quest, as well as what reward you originally chose.
We do NOT change quest reward decisions under any circumstances.
The ticket should be of the following format, that includes the item-ID and quest-ID. As mentioned above, the GameMasters will not find this information for you.
Here is an example for requesting the restoration of the item Carrot on a Stick.
Item: Carrot on a Stick (11122) - Quest: Gahz'rilla (2770)

# Restoring raid-loot

To qualify for an item-restore we absolutely require the following. Please understand that any restore is not promised. If the evidence required isn’t satisfactory, the ticket will be closed and the request denied. There should only be one ticket from each request; please do not open multiple tickets about the same request. This can lead to the request being denied.
The ticket must be from the Raid Leader, or a designate by the Raid Leader (for example the Master Looter or an Officer). If a designate of the Raid Leader opens a ticket, please include relevant information (such as who the Master Looter and Raid Leader was).
These are the requirements, which absolutely must be met. If a single requirement fails, the request will be denied.
  • The item must be lost due to a server-issue, and not be mislooted
  • Unedited video of the entire encounter from start to finish, including the boss being looted and the chat window showing where loot went
  • The raid ID must be shown in the video
  • The roster/members of the raid must be shown clearly in the video

# Please note the following

  • If your raidloot was lost due to a server-error (the loot was empty), a Game Master will generate a list of loot, which the Raid Leader distributes
  • Zul’Gurub restorations require the video to be of the entire raid, from start to finish, and no clips. No exceptions!
  • World Bosses are ineligible for restorations (as there are no raid IDs to match the encounter)
  • We do not restore lost mail
  • We do not restore lost auctions
  • We do not restore lost gold
  • We do not restore any items that can be obtained again through normal game-play
  • Any attempt to deceive the staff to get additional items may lead to sanctions being placed on your account