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AT-Inspiration:Preparing at Open
2021-10-05 @ 19:15 by kvipka
Reworked algorithm of spawn GameObjects anc NPC groups
Fixed rarely miss update of NPC group
Fixed rarely dissapearing of buildings (towers, walls and etc)
2021-11-01 @ 22:28 by kvipka
* Wintergrasp 3.0 implemented

reworked Wintergrasp system :
removed old battlefield and battlefieldMgr
implement new methods for wintergraspMgr and new classes : WGGameObjectBuilding, WGGraveyard, WGWorkshop and special Handlers :

* Wintergrasp 3.1 :
*reworked old static method for graveyards
*reworked method of gathering of workshops by orders
*fix the oldest (TC) memory leak
*fix GetClosestGraveyard func
*fix command : .bf switch (now not needed to set '1'), now it can switch all Wintergrasp Data in War and in Peace

* Wintergrasp 3.2 : removed StaticWintergraspTowerInfo + improved logic for loading buildings and towers + fix skipped GO spawns on east Keep buildings

2020-04-08 @ 20:03 by kvipka
We glad to present fully rewrited Wintergrasp.
* Now we use only one container for players And ofc all methods with registration of players has beeen rewrited (fixed all old issues with multi-registrations, spam of announces and etc and etc...)

* Now all parts of Wintergrasp : workshops / attack towers / defense towers / bridges 
Has a special implementation without old hacks and scrutches.

* Wintergrasp now are using a special groups (guards / turrets / NPC / GameObjects (flags-banners and etc.)). And each part of Wintergrasp, for example some workshop, now controlling this groups and easy switch it from 1 state to another.

* We have disabled old phase system in Wintergrasp, it have a big count of issues, and by this reason now we handle Wintergrasp without phases - groups handle it and make it amazing easy

* Investigated all nessesary GameObjects : missed flags / banners and etc

And how it look - a little review :

2020-07-07 @ 20:25 by kvipka
* rewrited queue system
* fixed all GameObject (flags, banners and etc) issues (like 23282
* fixed all npc and go, now it separated in special groups (for switch to another group, for example when tower or workshop change owner team) 
* fixed the OLDEST bug with method of spawns (20134) - not need more set grid unload for evade drop under texture and etc.
2020-02-06 @ 17:33 by kvipka
We have spend a lot of time to receive the full information for good implementation of this quest-event.

Now this quest implement as special-event :
All players, which have a quest may participate in quest event. 
Timer of start event blizzlike - 5 minutes. 
To start event can only 1 player, others will see worldstate-timers (menu in gossip will inactive).  

All steps and phases of event has been rewrited.
2020-24-04 @ 20:28 by kvipka
We have investigated a right algorithm of damage calculation for dispel for this 2 important DOT spells : Vampiric Touch and Unstable Affliction. And have implemented this corrected formula on server.

For correct show we did tests with 709  and 0 resilience. 

Vampiric Touch :
Resilience of victim : 0
Resilience of victim : 709

Caster Shadow Priest with stats : 

Unstable Affliction :

Resilience of victim : 0
Resilience of victim : 709

Caster Affliction warlock with stats : 
2020-16-01 @ 20:07 by kvipka
Pet and Totems on Transport.

It's actual for IceCrown - battle on gunships.
Classes with pet (hunter, enchancement shaman with wolfs, warlocks, frost mages) in ICC have a trouble to keep DPS, because pet don't wanna to go attack target on another ship, or just drop under ship and dissapear.

Shaman totems have a popular issue with a totems, that "falling" under ship  wink

Also just for beauty gaming in usual traveler in usual ships, maybe gang near The Booty Bay and etc.  satisfied

Sentry totem now spawning in correct position (near caster).